My Little Princess.


My Little Princess.

Satoko Hojo



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Do you think we a cute so far? kkk

It was so hard to make it. But we put a lot of effort to do it well. Could we?

"Higurashi no naku koro ni"

Cosband - L.L

Photographer - Mariya

Lee as Satoko Hojo

Luo as Rika Furude


It’s Garry’s design 


Original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-SSm9cdkf0


Original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-SSm9cdkf0


August 2014~ It’s about time I did one of these… Games i will forever play again and again and never get tired of them

Here’s a list of some games I played (or want to play) over the summer and enjoyed. Starting from the top, it’s:

1. LiEat - I, II, III by Miwashiba, DLL

2. Ib by Kouri, DLL

3. Alice Mare by Miwashiba, DLL

4. 999 - This is a Nintendo DS game by Chunsoft

5. Hetaoni English, translated by Pianodream and Neo Kyno. DLL

6. Standstill Girl by Sky Scraper Projectt. DLL

7. Yume Nikki by Kikiyama. DLL

8.Vocaloid Holy Harmony by this group, DLL on page

9. Kuroshitsuji Phantom and Ghost, Nintendo DS game made in Japan.

10. Professor Layton vs. Ace Attourney, Nintendo 3DS game, to be released this month in America :D

11. NEW: Bury by Hachisuka. DLL New addition to the list! Couldn’t fit in a picture, though. Note on download: scroll down until you find the right torrent link,  recommend Utorrent for this one. Anyway, I love this game. There’s something about the characters that remind me of Ib, I’d bet it was inspired from it. What am I kidding, it’s exactly like it, but with a twist of mother goose rhymes and everything. More people need to know this one, not a lot have heard about it. But it’s good, trust me.


These all have really good animations, stories, the like, and even if I can’t read Japanese, the Kuroshitsuji game’s pretty awesome, and even if the Vocaloid one’s only a demo, the battle animations are cool. Speaking of crossovers, I’m waiting for the last one, PL vs. AA, because animations, voice acting and puzzles (that may or may not make me bang my head on the table) and mysteries and a cool plot and good graphics combine and that automatically makes it here.

Honorable mention:

PaletteDreaming Mary, Densha

Palette’s the kind of game where you slowly uncover someone’s past, while if you search hard enough in Dreaming Mary, things start to get pretty scary-especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. Densha’s a cool puzzle game, oh and i liek trains.


this seems familiar….


I Wonder How It Is - Ib short comic



A short comic about Marry and how she feels


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